Full Automatic Continuous Horizontal PU Foaming Machine


ELF-2400 Full automatic horizontal polyurethane foaming machine can produce various kinds of PU foam, from 5kg/m³ to 90kg/m³ density.It can produce regular foam, high-resilience foam, super soft foam and memory foam. We have more than 15years experience in PU foaming equipment, the oldest of automatic horizontal PU foam production line which manufacture by ESUN still in using is from 1995.We also supply productive technology for our value customer. Our technicians have more than 20 years experience in PU production technology. In 2008,we are developed ELF-2400 series PU production equipment with latest technology, and it keeping upgrades.

●  PLC and HMI control system

● Fast & easy digital wheel panel

●  Digital flow monitor and auto-control system

●  Dual mode for max foam and liquid lay down foam

● Rising side top flat device

●  Fall plate height adjustment and measure

● Side conveyor and fall plate width adjustment

● Side conveyor speed synchronized control system

● Automatic material temperature constant system

● Digital pressure gage

● TDI pump magnetic coupling

● Advanced block cutter


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