Polyurethane Foam Machine and Plant
Our engineering team of foam machinery has more than 20 years of R & D experience. ESUN polyurethane foam machines and plant including polyurethane foaming machine, foam cutting machine, foam block conveyor, foam block rack storage system, wash sponge machine and foam compression packing machine, foam laboratory test equipment. We provide standard and customized equipment for all processes of flexible foam, semi-rigid foam and ortholite foam production. We rely on our experience in serving a large number of polyurethane foam manufacturers in China and around the world to provide a mature, one-stop solution for different foam manufacturers at small, medium and large production capacity. Not only machinery, ESUN turnkey projects cover plant design, production process optimization, equipment selection and customized, foam production process technical support services.

Except our engineering team of machinery, ESUN also has more than 20 years of experience in the production of polyurethane foam engineers. Accumulation of R & D experience through actual production process, we have developed a series of polyurethane foam production lines, such as bacth foaming machine, horizontal continuous foaming machine, cylinder block vertical continuous foaming machine, vacuum foaming machine, high-pressure horizontal continuous foaming machine and semi-rigid horizontal continuous foaming machine.
Based on our one-stop solution service, ESUN not only provides the foaming equipment . Our experts team of polyurethane foam production, provides customers full technical service and supply chain service. Including equipment selection, foaming production technical support and polyurethane foam raw material supply.

We manufacture and develop a variety cutting equipment for flexible foam and rigid foam industry, including simple and reliable manual sponge cutting machine, high-efficiency automatic foam vertical and horizontal cutting machine, CNC oscillationg knife contour cutting machine, CNC circulating knife contour cutting machine and intelligent automatic foam cutting line. ESUN foam cutting machine working for upholstered furniture and mattress production, packaging industry, automotive supply, construction materials industry and medical technology.
We are constantly developing intelligent machines to meet the latest market demand with the help of a large number of ESUN users in China. Using our large pool of engineering knowledge and expertise, Relying on high precision manufacturing technology and advanced digital control software, ESUN foam cutting machine always has a very high cutting efficiency and precision. Our CNC automatic cutting line, which can be connected to the factory MES. it is ready to step into Industry 4.0.

In view of the large volume and light weight of foam products, we have developed a series of foam block compression packaging machine to help the foam factory reduce logistics costs and save storage space. At present, we have automatic foam block compression packaging machine, foam block compression packaging machine and foam sheet roll packaging machine. Whether it is square foam block , cylinder foam block or sheets roll, ESUN  provide  suitable solutions for compression packaging. The highly automatic design reduces the packaging cost and brings great benefit to the foam factory.

ESUN has specially established domestic and international after-sales service department, responsible for mattress and foam machinery spare parts and consumables, mattress and foam laboratory test tools supply. ESUN expert team of technicians and customer service staff, through the on-site service, online guidance and other many ways to provide users with timely and effective after-sales support and services.