Mattress Machinery and Plant
We provide a full range of production equipment and automation solutions to global mattress manufacturers. Including all kinds of spring units production machine, mattress quilting machine, various mattress sewing machine, mattress packaging and mattress roll packing machinery, intelligent mattress production line and a variety of customized machines for mattress production.The mattress production line with high intelligence, information and automation brings high efficiency, low labor cost and high yield to the manufacturer, and it is ready for the manufacturer to deploy Manufacturing Execution System in the future.

We provide a variety of highly automated mattress spring units production lines, including Automatic Bonnell spring units production line, Automatic Pocket spring  units production line, LFK spring units production line, to meet your high-capacity and high-efficiency of the full automation of mattress innerspring production requirements. We also offer automatic Bonnell spring coiling machine, Bonnell Coil assemble machine, automatic pocket spring coiling machine, Pocket Coil Glue assemble MachineLFK Spring coiling machine, LFK spring assemble machine. These mattress spring units machines can be working as a semi-automatic production line to meet the needs of multi-variety and small batch production. 

At the same time we provide customers all supporting auxiliary equipment for making mattress spring. You will find all kind of mattress spring machines for your mattress factory from ESUN.

Various models of high-speed multi-needle chainstitch quilting machine, single needle quilting machine and double needle quilting machine are specially designed for quilting mattress cover and mattress border.  After 20 years of development, ESQ series of mattress quilting machine has a variety of models to meet different customer needs. Thanks to ESUN newest computer control technology, ESQ series computerized quilting machine can doing hundreds of luxurious quilting design for your mattresses. 

We also provide other machines working with mattress quilting machine, like mattress panel cutter, automatic stack machine for mattress cover, automatic overlock machine for quilted mattress cover.  and lockstitch quilting machine for making bedding product.

ESUN mattress sewing machine department, professional in the design and manufacture special sewing machine for mattresses production. Including mattress sewing machine, mattress border sewing machine, mattress label sewing machine, mattress handle sewing machine, pillow top sewing machine, mattress flanging machine, mattress tape edge machine, mattress embroidery machine etc.
ESUN pays close attention to the latest fashion of mattress design. To provide you with high-quality, highly automated mattress professional sewing machinery. We also provide Customize Services for mattress manufacturers, To help you turn your new mattress design into a final product, and help you produce fashionable and luxurious mattresses.

We developed a variety of mattress packaging machines. From the simplest manual mattress sealing and packaging machine to the highly automated mattress compression package production line. meet all your mattress packaging needs. ESUN latest bed in box packaging line, with an efficiency of up to 100 mattresses per hour. We also provide semi-automatic and full automatic mattresses film packaging machines, mattresses compression packaging machine, mattresses roll packing machine, pillow roll packing machine, compression pillow packaging machine.

ESUN develops and manufactures automated and intelligent production lines for mattress manufacturing. We provide intelligent production solutions from spring units manufacturing, foam mattress bonding and glue assembly, mattress sewing, mattress conveyor systems, mattress packaging, and automated storage. At the same time design and manufacture of various special equipment for users. For example, foam mattress water-based glue roll application machine, the mattress hot melt glue spary assembly machine, the Mattress Lift, buffer machine, the mattress QC inspection station, the mattress stacker and so on.
ESUN mattress automation production line is up to Industry 4.0 standards. We develop MES manufacturing execution systems for mattress manufacturers. From all production execution equipment to control software, the whole process information system control links seamless and effective connection.

In addition to providing automation solutions for mattress manufacturers, ESUN is committed to helping manufacturers develop and design new mattress products through our factories and partner factories.  We offer a wide range of materials for making high quality mattresses, from steel wire, cotton felt and non-woven fabric to mattress tape, mattress covers, mattress FR sock, mattress fabrics, mattress lable and other accessories.