French Pillow top Auto Sewing Machine


EFF-2 french pillow-top auto sewing machine developed and produced by ESUN with many years sewing equipment technology and experience, it is high efficiency and automation sewing machine. EFF-2 is use for sewing Euro-top decorative border, the machine is equipped 2 high quality sewing head, the speed of sewing can reach 3m/minutes, sewing thickness can reach 24mm. According to user's requests to customized different size and function border folding edge guider, with using different size mattress decorative border and decorative tape, simultaneously finish 3 pieces fabric split joint sewing or 2 times folding and sewing for 1 piece mattress decorative border. EFF-2 easily achieve  result of Euro-top mattress decorative border, the mattress looks more beautiful and exquisite.

EFF-2 equipped special designed material feeding, winder system with smart sensors. It is successfully accomplish complete automation production, saygood-bye to old multi and redundance production process, the 2 sewing head work simultaneously, high efficiency, reduce much labor cost. This is the perfect and professional sewing equipment to increasing multiple mattress decorative border for production of Luxury mattresses.


Technical data at a glance:



Sewing head

Chinese Brand 

Total Needles(pcs)

2 needles(2 sewing head)

Needle type

TV×1 18#-21#

Max stitch length (mm)


Max sewing speed (m/min)


Max sewing thickness (mm)


Total Power(kw)


EFF-2 French Pillow-top Auto-Sewing Machine_05.jpg

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