ESP-180D/180D2 Automatic Digital Pocket Spring Machine


● Adapt to cylindrical and barrel shape springs

● The non-woven feeder system , save material and labor

● The heat-treatment device can adapt to different spring heights, easy for adjustment

● Multiple fault detecting device, effectively reduce the wastage

● Use full-automatic coiling head, can make zone mattress, all parameters can be set by screen

● Special protective device

Technical data at a glance
Efficiency (about) (pcs/min)180
Max. Non-Woven Width (mm)340-700
Pocket Spring Height (mm)80-250  (can be customized)
Pocket Spring Diameter (mm)Φ55~72 (can be customized)
Total Power (kw)4050
Power Supply (kw/h)2838
Air Consumption0.02m³/min, 0.8mpa0.02m³/min, 0.8mpa
Machine Weight (kg)40004500
Machine Size (mm)5550*1500*20005500*1500*2000
Zone  functionNoYes

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