Automatic Assembler Transfer Machine


●  Adapt to cylindrical and barrel shape springs.

●  The heat-treatment device can adapt to different spring heights, easy for adjustment.

●  The non-woven feeder system , save material and labor.

●  Multiple fault detecting device, effectively reduce the wastage.

●  Special protective device.

●  Full automatic production line, save labor and cost.

● The utility model has a foam/spring bar placement structure, which can be

used for double folding mattresses and partition bed nets

Technical   data at a glance
Non-woven Supply60~ 100g/m2
Non-woven Width450~2200mm
Spring Central DiaΦ45~ 80mm
Pocket Spring Height100~250mm
Total Power3Φ380V / 3Φ220V,   15KW
Efficiency12~ 15lines/min
Air Consumption0.3m3/min, 0.8MPa
Gross Weightabout 6000KG
Space Dimension11000*4000mm

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