EC-2450S Automatic Quilting Cover Stacking Machine


Used for stacking the quilted fabric after cutting.

Special Function

● Stack material fast in good order.

●PLC intelligent control, double axis uses servo motor,which can be precisely controlled.

● The machine runs steadily, and is easy to operate.

● Automatic detection system, stable performance.

● The machine can be used with panel cutter with high efficiency.

ESQ-94C-CS + EC-2450S two machines plus three racks, this combination can be used for automatic cutting of mattress furniture fabrics, at the same time with crosscutting, slitting, trimming function. It can cut cloth, non-woven fabric, felt, quilted fabric and other materials, can cut up to 3 volumes at the same time and improve work efficiency.


Technical data at a glance
Size(LxWxH) (mm)3070x3480x2350
 Speed (pcs/min)5
Applicable for material width (mm)≤2400
Applicable for material height  (mm)1850
Machine Weight (kg)500
Power (kw)2
Voltage  (v/hz)380/50

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