Digital Control Automatic Coiler


ECL-80/90 digital control automatic coiler is totally digital controlled to produce spring. With advanced controlling software, you can adjust spring diameter, spring height, number of turns and feeding wire length.ECL-80/90 cancel the traditional CAM GROUP, can produce different specification spring more conveniently and adjust the spring shape precisely. So high quality

required spring can be produced by ECL-80/90.


Technical data at a glance:

Technical data at a glance
Type of springsBonnell 双锥打结型Bonnell 双锥打结型
Performance   (psc/minute)8090-95
Spring Wire Gauge (mm)1.9-2.41.9-2.4
Spring   (mm)62-9562-95
Spring height (mm)80-19090-190
Convolutions4-7 turns4-7 turns
Main diver power(Kw)5.35.3
Swift frame power(Kw)2.22.2
Heat treatment(KVA)1515
Power Rqurements3xAC380/50-60HZ3xAC380/50-60HZ
Machine Weight(Kg)2,6502,650

ECL-80 mattress spring coiling machine_03.jpg ECL-80 mattress spring coiling machine_04.jpgECL-80 mattress spring coiling machine_05.jpg

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