Continuous Support Innerspring Assembly Machine


● The machine is mainly used for the combination of the joint springs as the mattress skeleton, controlled by the PLC program, the number of

rows can be set as required, and the upper and lower strings are simultaneously completed, it can automatically finish and push up springs

and the automatic cutting is performed after the mattress skeleton is formed.

● The machine has a compact size and can be operated by only one peson ,saving costs.

● Realize the simultance stringing work upper and lower side.

● The automatic cutting of the string springs can be realized,. and the ends of the string springs are automatically aligned.

● The number of spring rows can be set by the computer and can be automatically pushed out after the entire skeleton i completed.

● It can be operated without an air compressor The automatic lubrication system extends the life of the machine and requires minimal

maintenance and replacer ment of accessories.

● Different specifications of fixtures are available according to customer's processing requirements.

● The annual maximum production capacity can reach 50,000 spring mattress skeletons saving labor and can recover costs within one year

● Servo drive, stable operation, accurate machining and no error.


Technical   data at a glance
Stringer2600x1130x 1700mm
Cutting machine3200x1700x 1700mm
Spring frame3300x1400x 1600mm
Working area5000x9000mm
Stringer power5x1.5kw
Machine weight4000kg
Cutting machine power3.75kw
Power consumption(380V 3) 10A
Actual total power consurmption4
Applicable spring wire diameter1.7-2.2mm
Applicable string diameter1.4-1.8mm
Applicable spring height160-190mm

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