Automatic Serging Machine


● Set parameters by touch screen, easy to operate;

● Adopt Japanese imported sewing head and it is designed as dual-bolt and straight-needle;

● The head has the full-automatic oil supply system, which can get each running part completely lubricated;

● Knob is used to adjust the spacing without need to change the cam, which is easy to handle;

● Equipped with needle and thread cooling device that uses white mineral oil for cooling and lubricating, which helps avoid needle breaking, thread breaking, wire jumping, etc;

● Adopt synchronous dual-needle four-thread equipped with strong gear-typed cloth feeding system, which makes the cloth-feeding precise and the stitches beautiful when quilting and eliminates the folds occurring when the cloth is being sewed;

● Adopt exported electronic positioning motor and controller to control the sewing speed;

● Adopt air drive to control the automatic lift of the presser foot and the coder to control the needle position, and are in steady operation and low noise;

● With fully automatic conveying working table, it is easy to operate and improve the quality of the finished product, also improves working efficiency and reduces labor intensity..

Technical data at a glance:



Max sewing speed(RPM)


Recommended sewing speed(RPM)


Max. sewing thickness(mm)


Total Power(KW)




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