Automatic Bonnell Spring Unit Transfer Line


Automaticlly Mattress Production Line is for producing“Bonell” type innerspring units. With this machine, producing a whole spring mattress from wire to the whole piece is completely automatic rather than any manual work. Its working process is as follows: First, each single spring is made of steel wire and sent to assembling machine part by spring conveyor. Then the assembling cycle starts. The upper and lower springs are assembled meanwhile, the spring linkage spiral is coiled then cut and bent at both ends. When the cycle is finished, the spring unit is forwarded and the jaws are ready to receive more springs. This spring conveyor structure is simple, accurate position servo and has high


Technical data at a   glance
Type of springsBonnell 
Performance80 Sheets/8 Hours(1 800mm x 2000mm )
Coiler Speed80 pcs/min
Max Width2m
Spring Caliberφ 65mm-φ95mm
Spring Wire Diameterφ1.9mm-φ2.4mm
Assembling Wire Diameterφ1.3mm-φ1.6mm
Spring Height100mm- 200mm
Convolutions4-7 Turns
Work Power380V 3 Phase, 50- -60HZ, 12KVA
 Option 415V- 480V, 220V

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