Full Automatic Pocket Spring Unit Transfer Line


ESP-ENH series is the latest developed automatic pocket spring unit transfer line by ESUN. It includes automatic digital pocket spring machine(can be equipped with different models of pocket spring machine), and automatic pocket spring assembler. Steel wire and non-woven fabric will be producted to pocket spring by automatic digital pocket spring machine, then pocket spring will be sent to automatic assembler machine. This machine adopts digital control, highly-automatized, easy operation, it is fit for high efficiency mass production.

●Fully automatic production, save labor

●Fast change-over to different pocket spring units and spring sizes

● High efficient glue-saving assembly system(interrupted glue line)

●Variable assembling system for "top/bottom" or and "center" gluing

● Smart checking and cutting system for pocket spring strips

Technical data at a glance:

ESP-ENH Combined Production Line Series

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