Full Automatic Mattress Handle Sewing Machine


EC-1000 Full Automatic mattress handle sewing machine is an integrated automatic equipment which collects the feeding, cutting and folding of the handle belt, fixes the length of the mattress border fabric, and automatically sews the handle belt at the set position.Full Automatic mattress handle sewing machine is integrates multiple processes, reduces the labor intensity of workers, and improves remarkable efficienc yand product size accuracy. It is the necessary equipment for the mattress

manufacturer to move towards the intelligent chemical plant.


Technical   data at a glance
Max Sewing Speed(s/pc)15-25
Pressfoot lift(mm)15
Needle Pitch Range(mm)0.1-12.7
Max Handle Thickness(mm)6
Size of Handle(mm)255
Mattress border fabirc width(mm)100-320
Handle Width(mm)50-55
Total Power(KW)1.5

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