EAM-200S Automatic Spring Units Assembler


automatic numerical control assembling machine adopts advanced technology and is used for producing spring mattresses. Compared to SXJ- 2 automatic assembling machine, this product has some traits as follows:

1: The speed of this product doubles SXJ-2.

2: More sizes are applicable using this machine ranged from 1.0m to 2.0m.Once formed, no need manually adjusting.

3: This product adopts advanced servo motor driving control system and runs efficiently. The way of control is using servo encoder to calculate

pulse trip, no errors.

Technical data at a   glance
Speed50- 60sheets/8hours
Max width of mattress2m
Assembling steel wire diaφ 1.3mm- φ 1. 6mm
Spring steel wire diaφ1.9mm- φ 2.5mm
Spring height70mm-200mm
Spring caliber (special tongs for need)60mm-110mm
Total Power5.5kw

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