CNC Vertical Circulating Cutting Machine


Simple operation, 1 person can be the operation of the device, from typesetting to cutting out the finished product, to solve the separation caused by cumbersome operation, computer automatic typesetting, automatic continuous operation.Operation Rate is high, through the auxiliary platform connection, reduce paving time, efficiency can increase about 15% , can realize feeding and cutting at the same time, more increase cutting efficiency.Mature technology, low failure rate, easy to operate, easy to learn, and less vulnerable.High pass rate of finished products, computer automatic cutting, cutting products in one go, perfect and high pass rate

Technical data at a glance
Block length(mm)3000
Block height(mm)1200
Block width(mm)2200
Cutting speed (m/mins)Depending on material , max   cutting speed is 30
Cutting precision(mm)±1

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