Automatic Tape Binding Machine


Suitable for binding process for bedding, cushion, mattress, etc.

●  lt's equipped with knife before binding device, so that can achieve binding , cutting and sewing material at the same time. The effect is average and full.

●  Four parts compound feed construction means alternating Presser foot, needle , feed dog and binding device are feed at the same time. When sewing straight line and corner, it can also get smooth and beautiful effect.

●  Binding device can be attachable and convenient for binding off.

●  Bigger layout tank and pneumatic assisting layout design, can make the waste when cutting go out quickly.

●  Needle bar and some parts are treated with tiny oil so that it can prevent pollution efficiently.

●  Pneumatic presser foot lifting make the operation more relaxed.


Technical data at a glance
Applied needleDP×17#18-#23DP×17#18-#23
Max. sewing speed(RPM)20002000
Stitch length(mm)0-50-9
Presser foot lifting height (mm)1616
Operation space(mm)255*103255*103
Suitable materialLight materialMedium and heavy material,   heavy material
Work tableNOYES

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