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Want to know how a machine equipment, want to consider from several aspects:

First, to see whether the usage, to the end user to visit, consultation. Composite do a comparison, choose the sort of fault less, easy to operate, with artificial (personnel salary is too high), with high efficiency.

Second, look after, is the product could not be absolutely perfect, will be more or less have a problem. But out of the question whether factory can arrive the scene, is can handle problems in time, as far as possible to reduce our shutdown, etc.

Third, see the factory scale, good product can't from the hut, requires sophisticated processing equipment, first-class manufacturing personnel and equipment and the manufacturing plant, factory area of the body and comfortable living conditions. Of course, not all must have a big factory is good, but after all, if there are only three or four hut, two or three people, one or two simple tools equipment, can produce a product, which said after one thousand scattered scattered, after you find who go to?

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